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Advent International’s $3 Billion Bet on Fisher Investments: A Strategic Move in the Asset Management Industry

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Published: June 17, 2024

Advent International’s $3 Billion Bet on Fisher Investments: A Strategic Move in the Asset Management Industry In a landmark deal that is set to reshape the asset management industry, global private equity firm Advent International has agreed to buy a majority stake in Fisher Investments for approximately $3 billion. This

Advent International's $3 Billion Bet on Fisher Investments: A Strategic Move in the Asset Management Industry

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Advent International’s $3 Billion Bet on Fisher Investments: A Strategic Move in the Asset Management Industry

In a landmark deal that is set to reshape the asset management industry, global private equity firm Advent International has agreed to buy a majority stake in Fisher Investments for approximately $3 billion. This acquisition marks Advent’s entry into the asset management business and underscores their commitment to expanding their financial services footprint. With this strategic move,


aims to capitalize on the growing demand for alternative investment solutions and tap into Fisher’s substantial client base and expertise in quantitative investing.

A Proven Track Record

Fisher Investments, a privately held investment adviser based in Woodside, California, manages over $170 billion in assets for more than 60,000 clients worldwide. Founded in 1979 by investment guru Ken Fisher, the firm is renowned for its innovative and data-driven approach to portfolio management. Fisher‘s unique investment strategies have garnered widespread recognition, earning it numerous accolades and awards over the years.

Expanding Horizons

For Advent International, this acquisition represents a significant expansion into the asset management sector, adding another dimension to their existing financial services portfolio. Advent’s extensive experience in building and scaling businesses should enable Fisher Investments to accelerate its growth and reach new heights. Additionally, the deal is expected to provide Advent with synergistic opportunities in areas such as technology, operations, and distribution.

A Strategic Partnership

The acquisition of Fisher Investments is not just a financial transaction for Advent but also a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging the strengths and expertise of both organizations. With this collaboration, Fisher Investments will benefit from Advent’s global presence, operational capabilities, and industry relationships, while Advent stands to gain from the unique investment strategies and deep industry knowledge of Fisher.

Embracing Change and Innovation

This deal is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of the asset management industry, where consolidation and collaboration are becoming increasingly common trends. By acquiring Fisher Investments, Advent International is demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments and providing innovative solutions for its clients.

Advent International

Advent International’s Latest $3 Billion Investment in Fisher Investments: A Game-Changer for the Asset Management Industry

Advent International, a Boston-based leading

global private equity firm

, has recently made headlines with its strategic $3 billion investment in


, a

prominent asset management company

based in Woodside, California. This significant investment marks a major milestone for both firms and the asset management industry as a whole.

Advent International: A Reputation of Excellence

Founded in 1984, Advent International has built a reputation as one of the world’s most successful private equity firms, with more than $80 billion in assets under management and over 460 investments across five continents. Their extensive portfolio includes companies in various sectors such as healthcare, technology, financial services, industrials, and consumer goods.

The Strategic Move: Fisher Investments

The recent investment in Fisher Investments, an independent, fee-only investment adviser with over $150 billion in assets under management and clients in 46 countries around the world, is not only a testament to Advent’s commitment to growth but also a strategic move to expand their footprint in the asset management industry. Fisher Investments has been recognized for its innovative investment strategies, including its use of quantitative analysis and personalized service to clients.

Implications for the Asset Management Industry

This investment by Advent International into Fisher Investments signifies a growing trend towards consolidation in the asset management industry. With increasing competition and regulatory pressures, larger firms are looking to acquire smaller players to gain scale and expand their offerings. Additionally, this deal highlights the value that private equity firms bring to the table in terms of expertise, resources, and strategic planning.

Advent International

Background on Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments, founded in 1979 by investment legend Ken Fisher, is a prominent player in the investment management sector. This renowned firm has its roots in the heart of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Description of Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments‘s history can be traced back to 1979 when Ken Fisher, the current Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), started the firm as an investment newsletter. Over the subsequent decades, the company has evolved into a global money management powerhouse with over $175 billion in assets under management (AUM) as of 2023.

History and founding

Ken Fisher, a self-taught investor, started his career as an investment writer for various publications. In 1974, he began publishing Portfolio Strategy, a monthly newsletter that later became the foundation for Fisher Investments. In 1979, he established the company and continued to grow it by focusing on a unique value-oriented investment philosophy, which has since become the cornerstone of their success.

Key personnel and investment philosophies

Under the leadership of Ken Fisher as CEO and his son, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Strategist, Damian Fisher, Fisher Investments has developed a team of experienced investment professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. Their investment philosophies include an emphasis on value investing, fundamental analysis, and a long-term focus.

Overview of Fisher Investments’ offerings and client base

Fisher Investments offers a variety of investment strategies catering to different client needs and risk tolerance levels. Their offerings include:

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

These customized investment portfolios are designed to align with individual clients’ unique circumstances and objectives.

Fisher Funds

These funds employ Fisher Investments’ investment strategies, allowing clients to invest in a diversified portfolio managed by the firm.

Fisher Flexible Mandates

These investment solutions cater to clients who wish to maintain a more hands-on approach, while still benefitting from Fisher’s research and expertise.

Client base, assets under management, and geographical reach

With a client base of over 50,000 individual, institutional, and mutual fund clients in more than 43 countries, Fisher Investments manages a diverse range of assets across the globe. Their AUM has grown significantly from their early days and continues to expand, positioning them as a leading global player in the investment management sector.

Advent International

I Reasons Behind Advent International’s Investment in Fisher Investments

Advent International, a leading global private equity firm, announced its strategic investment in Fisher Investments, an independent money management firm, in 2019. This deal marked a significant addition to Advent’s portfolio and brought several benefits to both firms.

Strategic Fit for Advent International

The investment in Fisher was a strategic fit for Advent International due to its complementary strengths and capabilities with the asset management firm. Complementary Strengths: Advent’s expertise in global buyouts, growth equity investments, and operational improvement aligned well with Fisher’s investment strategies. Fisher Investments brought their unique investment process, focused on individual securities rather than market indexes, which complemented Advent’s broader approach to investing.

1.Geographical Expansion Opportunities

Moreover, the deal presented Advent with opportunities for geographical expansion through Fisher Investments’ global presence. With offices in Europe and Asia, Fisher’s client base offered potential growth opportunities for Advent in these regions.

Competitive Advantages of Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments’ competitive advantages in the asset management industry made it an attractive investment for Advent International. Unique Investment Strategies and Processes: Fisher’s focus on individual securities selection and its unique investment process, which did not follow traditional market benchmarks, differentiated the firm from its competitors.

Strong Client Relationships and Loyalty

Another key competitive advantage was Fisher Investments’ strong client relationships and loyalty. With over $100 billion in assets under management, the firm had a proven track record of retaining clients for long periods.

Continued Growth Prospects

Lastly, the asset management industry was expected to continue growing due to increasing demand for professional investment advice and financial services. Fisher Investments’ continued growth prospects made it a valuable addition to Advent International’s portfolio.

Benefits to Advent International

The deal brought several benefits to Advent International, including Access to Fisher Investments’ Expertise and Talent Pool: With over 40 years of experience in the asset management industry, Fisher Investments offered Advent a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the deal provided Advent with access to Fisher’s talented workforce, which included investment professionals, portfolio managers, and research analysts.

Opportunities for Synergies and Cost Savings

Lastly, the investment in Fisher presented opportunities for synergies and cost savings through operational improvements and economies of scale. Advent was able to leverage its expertise in operations and finance to optimize Fisher’s business and create value for shareholders.

Advent International

Market Impact and Implications of Advent International’s Investment in Fisher Investments

Short-term market reaction to the news:

The announcement of Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments sparked a flurry of activity in the financial markets. Fisher Investment’s stock prices surged by more than 7% on the day of the announcement, reflecting investors’ positive reaction to the news. Industry analysts weighed in on the deal, with some praising Advent International for its strategic investment and others expressing concerns about potential regulatory hurdles.

Longer-term implications for the asset management industry:

Increased consolidation and M&A activity:

Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments is likely to accelerate the trend towards consolidation and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the asset management industry. With increasing competition, rising costs, and decreasing fees, smaller firms are struggling to compete with larger players. Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments demonstrates the appeal of scale and the potential for synergies between firms.

Possible changes to the competitive landscape:

The asset management industry is expected to see significant changes in the competitive landscape as a result of Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments. With larger firms acquiring smaller ones, the number of independent players is likely to decrease. This could lead to increased concentration and market power for the largest firms.

Potential impact on Fisher Investments’ clients:

The implications of Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments extend beyond the industry itself and could have significant consequences for Fisher Investments’ clients. Some investors may be concerned about potential changes to their investment strategies and expectations. However, others may see the deal as a positive sign of Fisher Investments’ strength and stability in the market.

Advent International


Advent International’s investment in Fisher Investments, a leading independent money management firm, has significant implications for both firms and the asset management sector as a whole. Strategically, the deal aligns with Advent’s focus on investing in high-growth financial services companies and Fisher Investments’ commitment to delivering customized investment solutions for clients. Competitive advantages of the combined entity include enhanced global reach, increased resources for research and development, and a stronger platform to attract and retain top talent.

Market reaction and industry implications

The market’s positive response to the deal underscores the growing trend toward consolidation in the asset management sector. Firms like Fisher Investments, with their unique value propositions and strong track records, are increasingly attractive targets for private equity investors seeking to capitalize on this trend. The industry’s shift toward fee compression and increasing regulatory scrutiny further underscores the need for scale, efficiency, and innovative offerings to remain competitive.

Future outlook for the asset management sector

Looking forward, the asset management sector will continue to be shaped by several trends and developments: the rise of passive investing, increased focus on alternative investments, and growing demand for digital solutions. Opportunities and challenges for firms like Fisher Investments and Advent International include leveraging technology to enhance client experience, expanding their product offerings to cater to evolving investor needs, and navigating a regulatory landscape that is increasingly complex. As the industry continues to evolve, collaboration between strategic partners like Advent International and innovative firms like Fisher Investments will be essential for success.

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June 17, 2024